Hello and Welcome!

Hi, my name is Karl. My friends, family, and I enjoy enough wine that I thought I would start keeping track of what we consume. This blog is where I plan on documenting my humble, unbiased, and unsponsored opinions on the various wines consumed throughout the course of 2011.

Each Monday I plan to post a review of a new wine that was tried over weekend. The wine will typically be purchased at either my local grocery stores (Whole Foods and/or Trader Joe), Costco, or one of my local wine shops. For the most part any wine will be under $20 per bottle (presents, birthdays, and special events excluded from the price cap).

I plan on writing most of the reviews myself, but will feature guest reviewers from my pool of wine imbibing friends and family. The hope is that you will either fully agree or disagree with one of us and make it easier for yourself to find a new an interesting wine.

I hope you enjoy the ride,


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